Company History

Brolis Sensor Technology is a dedicated sensor technology company within Brolis Group, spun-out as a separate entity from Brolis Semiconductors UAB since 2018.  

Brolis Semiconductors was established in 2011 by three Vizbaras brothers – Augustinas, Kristijonas and Dominykas as a spin-off from elite German Walter Schottky Institute. In 2012 the company attracted initial VC funding and built it’s state-of-the-art facility in Vilnius,Lithuania. In 2015 Brolis attracted new investments from major solid-state manufacturers to replace the VC fund and strengthen company’s goal to become a vertically integrated manufacturer. Buy-out of shares from LitCapital was successfully completed in 2017.

Brolis Semiconductors focuses on creation some of the world’s finest infrared laser products from near infrared to mid infrared. With the help of company’s international positioning and state-of-the-art infrastructure, top talent engineering and scientific staff company is able to develop most cutting-edge solutions for security, medical, research and industrial applications. Our unique skill set and world’s largest epitaxy facility for long wavelength infrared optoelectronics has helped to demonstrate numerous world-record performance devices on the largest industrial GaSb substrate platform in the market today.

Since foundation, Brolis Semiconductors has been growing dynamically, marked by numerous awards, continuous innovation and consistent growth in both personnel and infrastructure. Currently Brolis acts across three locations with headquarters and production facility in Vilnius, Lithuania, E-O systems for defense and security sales location in Larne, Northern Ireland, UK and Silicon Photonics acitvity in Ghent, Belgium. In the end of 2018, Brolis Semiconductors separated the semiconductor and sensor technology into a separate entity – Brolis Sensor Technology UAB. 

BROLIS key technology encompasses in-house molecular beam epitaxy of advanced III-V materials, chip design, hybrid integration of III-V components with silicon photonics, advanced packaging and micro-optics, as well as full electro-optic system design and assembly to complete qualification for the most advanced applications.

Brolis currently encompasses two holding companies: Brolis Group UAB is a holding company that owns: 

Brolis Sensor Technology BV (former Brolis Semiconductors BVBA) a dedicated R&D office for silicon photonics in Ghent, Belgium. The company was set up in 2018 and currently supports Brolis Sensor Technology UAB in the next generation sensor development.

Brolis Sensor Technology UAB a dedicated sensor technology company with dedicated semiconductor technology infrastructure, team and know-how inherited from Brolis Semiconductors UAB since end of 2018.

and Brolis Defence Group UAB that owns:

UAB Brolis Semiconductors: a “mothership” company where it all started. Since end of 2018 this entity focuses on electro-optic system technology, while the semiconductor technology business part was separated into a separate entity – UAB Brolis Sensor Technology.

Brolis Photonics Solutions Ltd. a sales and assembly site for defence dedicated E-O systems in Larne, Northern Ireland, UK. The company was set up in 2015.



Get to know us


Brolis is not a typical young technology company. It does not fit any “Silicon Valley” template and is not a company of vice presidents and advisors. Brolis is a family-owned, profitable hardware-hard company of engineers and scientists. A team of difficult-to-pronounce names and strange accents – we create technology that never existed before.

Know-how and IP

Brolis’ know-how encompasses 10 years of experience in antimonide-based material science, device design and silicon photonics integrated circuit engineering. Thousands of experiments and simulations have allowed us to build a unique database of material parameters, device design rules, fabrication processes and patents.

Patent Family of 43 patents and patent applications are currently backing the IP behind the sensor technology
  • 2 US patents Generic technology for optoelectronic semiconductor devices.
  • 1 US provisional patents Sensor architecture, way of manufacturing, data science
  • 6 Taiwanese patent applications Sensor architecture and way of manufacturing, data science
  • 6 EP application Sensor architecture, way of manufacturing, data science
  • 4 US application Sensor architecture, way of manufacturing, data science
  • 6 Canada application Sensor architecture, way of manufacturing, data science
  • 6 China application Sensor architecture, way of manufacturing, data science
  • 6 Japan application Sensor architecture, way of manufacturing, data science
  • 6 Korea application Sensor architecture, way of manufacturing, data science